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Get Your “Move” On!

shutterstock_140614036May is National Physical Fitness and Sports month. With the warm, sunny days and longer hours of daylight, it’s also the perfect month to kick-start your workout routine. Exercise has been shown to have many benefits: it can reduce heart disease and blood pressure, provide an outlet for stress, give you more energy, and just plain feels good! The Department of Health and Human Services recommends getting 30 minutes of exercise every day, but how you get it is entirely up to you. Even if you’re not the “sporty” type, there’s probably a physical activity that you find enjoyable. Why don’t you…
 Hit the Trail
Breathe in some fresh air, enjoy the splendors of nature, and get some exercise at the same time by taking a hike. Hiking trails run the gamut, from scenic strolls to hill-climbing heart-racers. Pick an area that’s appealing to you and head for the great outdoors.
Go on a Walkabout
Possibly the easiest way to make exercise a regular part of your life, no gym membership required. Just leave your front door and start walking. If you want to get everyone in your house up-and-moving (and enjoy some quality family time) how about an after-dinner walk? Your dog would probably appreciate the outing, too!
Play at the Park
Spending an hour or two playing tag, running through sand, racing up slides and pushing your kids on swings is surprisingly rigorous. Bonus points for bonding with your children, too!
Take a Two-Wheeled Adventure
Bike trails in your area can make for a pleasant way to move around and see some sites. You can even find a fun “destination” to ride to, like a favorite restaurant for brunch or a matinee at the movie theater. Your body will get a workout…and you’ll save on gas, too.
Run Errands on Foot
If you have a grocery store, post office, doctor, dentist, or bank in close proximity, walk to them instead of driving. A loaf of bread and a few pieces of mail should not be an undue burden for a pedestrian. If you’re feeling more ambitious, bring a backpack or a wheeled cart to do the week’s shopping. (You can do this on your bike, too!)
Dance the Night Away
Dancing is a wonderful way to move your body and have fun doing it. And it doesn’t just have to be at a nightclub. You could sign up for swing, tango or tap lessons, or even just crank up your favorite tunes and turn your living room into a personal disco. Getting your spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend to join in could be healthy for your relationship, too.
Being physically fit doesn’t just mean lifting weights, using a stairclimber, or taking an aerobics class. There are lots of ways of to be active. If you find something that’s fun for you, you’ll be more likely to do it (and stick with it over the long haul). Start with an activity that celebrates this lovely spring weather, and soon you’ll find yourself happily “moving” into summer!
SelectQuote wishes you a safe and healthy National Physical Fitness and Sports Month!

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