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Four Facts You Need To Know Before Buying Term Life Insurance

  1. Your price is based on your “risk” profile — your age, height and weight, health, family health history, occupation and hobbies. To get your best price, your agent needs detailed and accurate information on all the above.
  2. Any upfront “Quote” is an estimate, not a firm price. Your final price is determined by the Insurance company you select, after it has reviewed your application and medical results. The more accurate and detailed the information you give upfront, the more accurate your Quote will be.
  3. Different Term Life Insurance companies may have different prices for the same risk profile. By finding the best company for you out of the over 1,000 companies that offer Term Life Insurance, you may be able to save hundreds of dollars a year for the same coverage.
  4. All Term Life Insurance Companies are independently rated for financial stability. Most financial advisors recommend you choose a company rated A- to A++ by A.M. Best. *

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