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Finding Joy in Everyday Life

10-03-14 SQ Blog“Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.” ~Dalai Lama
Finding joy in everyday life is an important mission that can lead to a more satisfying, healthier life for anyone. Joy is defined as a feeling of great pleasure or happiness, and as indicated in the quote above, it doesn’t simply happen by accident. Joy is a state of mind and a mode of being that must be accessed through specific experiences and circumstances that provide some basic sensations of elation and happiness. The following list of activities can help increase the joy factor in your life – so give some of them a try soon and see just how much more fulfilling life can be!

  • Play: As we get older, one of the things that tends to go by the wayside is our sense of playfulness and adventure. There is no reason why an adult must sit on the sidelines and watch the younger generations have all the fun. Go to a park and take a spin on the swing set, visit an amusement park and ride the rollercoasters, or – get outside and get a little dirty! No matter how you define “fun,” there is a time and a place to play, so get going!
  • Get outdoors: There is a simplicity in nature that can bring immense joy to so many of us. Take a nature walk, hike a new trail, or simply stroll on the beach and listen to the crashing waves. No matter where you live there are bound to be opportunities to enjoy nature. Regardless of your zip code, you can often find a nice, natural spot to relax.
  • Create a joy board: Sometimes it takes a graphical representation of what makes you happy to spurn feelings of joy. Create a small but visible joy board out of foam board or a cork board. Then, pin pictures of things that make you happy or provide real joy to your life. Maybe photos of your kids or grandkids, vacation spots that drive great memories, photos of organizations that are meaningful to you, or any other personal memory item that gives a sense of joy. You can change these out as often as you want!
  • Learn something new: Whether you’re looking to take on a new sport or you want to learn a handy life skill or trade, there’s something uplifting about learning something new. Sports can bring people together and increases the social factor, and they also drive feelings of joy through the inherent endorphin release that accompanies most sporting activities. If you want to challenge your brain more than your muscles, pick up a DIY book at a local bookstore and tackle a new project around the house. You’d be amazed at the sense of accomplishment and joy that results from completing a new task.
  • Reconnect: Joy is a natural byproduct of reconnecting (or fostering existing connections) with friends and family. Take the time to reach out to those in your family or social circle with a handwritten note, a quick phone call, or an email. People nowadays tend to shy away from traditional methods of communication, but in reality any form of communication is better than nothing so feel free to call, write, email, text… whatever you feel is appropriate. You just might find an incredible amount of joy in doing so.

Finding joy and maintaining a joyous life requires focus and determination. Life insurance can provide an extra layer, knowing that you and your family are protected in the worst case. Joy doesn’t come naturally to everyone – so take heed of the points above, add your own spin on enhancing the levels of joy in your life, and you’ll benefit from a fuller, happier life.

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