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Enjoy The Very Best That Summer Has To Offer

family funSummer has officially arrived! The days are warmer and longer. School is out and vacation days need to be used. So now it’s time to plan that annual family road trip. No matter where you travel to (Grandma’s house or a water park) or how far (next town or next state), there are certain safety precautions you should always consider when driving your family:

  • Know your itinerary and destination:

Never solely rely on smart phones or GPS devices for directions. No matter which service provider you use, reception is never guaranteed and depending on how new your GPS’s data is, there’s a strong chance the roads have since changed. It might sound dated, but always have a detailed road map covering your entire route. With that said, remember to pack your phone’s car charger and download the latest data updates for your GPS.

  • Bring a first aid kit:

First aid kits are simple enough to make or can be purchased at a relatively low cost. If you already own one, check it before you leave to remind yourself of its inventory or restock any low supplies. And certain items such as medicine might need to be supplemented with a more age appropriate version for younger children.

  • Inspect the car yourself:

A professional oil change doesn’t necessarily cover every safety check. In addition to the car tires, also check the SPF for the spare and make sure all tools are intact and working (jack, lug wrench). Test if the seat belts are functioning properly and thoroughly inspect any car seats.

  • Lost child contingency plan:

Every year nearly 800,000 children in the United States go missing. That number could be much less if every parent taught their children what to do if they get lost. “Staying put” is rule number one –it’s much more difficult to find a moving child than a stationary one. They should also know your full name, because if discovered even the authorities won’t know how to get in touch with “Mommy” or “Daddy.” They should also memorize your phone number but if they’re too young, try writing it on their skin with a sharpie.
So take precautions, plan ahead and enjoy the fine weather with your family this summer with best wishes from  SelectQuote: (800) 691 – 5006.

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