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Does Your Spouse Need Life Insurance?

If both you and your spouse work, and you depend upon both incomes to live well financially, you both need Life Insurance. For most people, Term Life Insurance is the most affordable way to insure both of you.
If both of you are in reasonably good health, you may be eligible to purchase hundreds of thousands of dollars in Term Life Insurance for just pennies on the dollar. Additionally, because women statistically live longer than men, their premiums are often even lower than men’s (premiums).

Consider perhaps that you are in a relationship where one spouse does not work?  Unless that person is not working due to their own independent wealth, it is often a smart decision to insure a non-working spouse as well. In many cases, a non-working spouse has many responsibilities that would cost the household more than the price of Term Life Insurance. Consider how much you would have to spend to cover the cost of childcare, the cost of transportation, cooking and cleaning just in case the worst happen. Consider how much time you would have to sacrifice at work to take over all of their responsibilities. Consider how that would affect your household income. Can you put a price on peace of mind?
Before you spend extra time independently comparing insurance companies and policies, there’s a quick, hassle-free way to get an idea of how affordable Term Life Insurance can be for you. Save yourself time and go through an independent Life Insurance Agency, like SelectQuote, that represents a range of highly rated Term Life Insurance companies. Call them up and ask for a impartial “price comparison” of your best prices. They will help you determine the appropriate amount of coverage for you and your spouse and help you find the company that best fits your needs and price range!

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