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Plan Ahead to Get the Best Shopping Deals

Chances are you’re going to buy lots of stuff this year. Sometimes you have no choice about when to shop, like when the fridge is running on empty, your microwave nukes its last leftover or your clothes washer gurgles a death rattle. Many purchases, however – big and little – can wait until the time is optimal for getting the very best deals. So if you’re thinking of upgrading an item you currently own or adding something new to your inventory, mark your calendar now and then watch for deals from national and local retailers. Here are tips from consumer experts on the best months to target for shopping for specific items. January Fitness is a key component for this post-holiday period with elliptical bikes, treadmills and bathroom scales on sale. For tucking in comfortably on cold winter nights, bed linens are on sale, as are towels. New model office…

Reviewing Your Long Term Care Insurance

Are you or someone you know disabled or in need of daily assistance? Now might be a good time to review Long Term Care Insurance. Long term care refers to the assistance with everyday activities required by persons with physical or cognitive impairments. It also applies to the type of daily medical care required by persons with an acute or chronic condition.