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Can my Life Insurance rate be lowered after I have a policy?

Let’s say you were overweight when you first bought Life Insurance, or you smoked, but you’ve quit for more than a year.
If you have resolved any health issue that pushed you into a more expensive Life Insurance rating group, chances are you can save money on your Life Insurance — especially Term Life Insurance. That’s because many Term Life Insurance rates have become cheaper than they were several years ago.
You can contact your present Life Insurance company and see if they will lower your rates based on proof of improved health.
But it ultimately might be easier to apply for a new policy. A different company may have lower rates for your current risk profile, so it’s a good idea to shop around.
The quickest, easiest way to do this is contact an independent company that sells Life Insurance over the phone or Internet and represents a range of highly rated Life Insurance Companies that specialize in insuring people with different risks.
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