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Break Out Of Your Workout Rut This Summer

family kayakIf the wintertime left you in a workout slump, try exploring the great outdoors this summer season. This awesome stand in for a gym will provide you with the interesting options you need to break free from that treadmill. The summer is a great time to work off the pounds you packed on during the year through fun activities that will boost your fitness, as well as your attitude.
The relaxing atmosphere that this activity provides will have you forgetting you are even getting a workout. Don’t worry if it’s been a while since you’ve last seen the inside of a gym because hiking is a great activity for beginners. Bring along a friend and discover the great outdoors one stride at a time.Running
If the wintertime has got you in a funk, running has been proven to help alleviate the symptoms of depression. It can help regulate body weight, prevent cancer, and can even make you live longer. And if these aren’t reason enough, running typically burns the most calories of any other aerobic activity.
This cardiovascular activity is great for toning the arms and legs, with the added benefit that it is easy on the joints. Swimming can provide improved flexibility, a healthier heart, improved asthma symptoms, improved cholesterol, lowers the risk of diabetes, and lowers stress. Hit an outdoor pool for a great workout, and some fun in the sun.
This great cardiovascular activity is fantastic for shaping up and exploring your community. This fun activity works different muscles than activities such as running and walking, adding variety to your workout routine.
Outdoor Yoga
Enjoy the kind of serenity that a studio atmosphere can’t provide. Outdoor yoga is an intensified experience that provides the same health benefits of regular yoga, including reduced stress, improved flexibility, posture, strength, and more.
Dream of being out on the water? Not only is kayaking fun, it is a great for your shoulders, upper body, and core muscles and can strengthen your legs as you apply pressure to propel your kayak forward.
So when you are filling your calendar with fun activities this summer, be sure to pencil in a hike or trip to your local pool.  The only obstacle between you and your best self is your front door. Have a great time and take lots of pictures – from your friends at SelectQuote.

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