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Best and Worst Cities for Drivers

33,561 people in the US were killed in car crashes in 2012, according to the most recent study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. No matter how safe a driver you may be, your fate on the road partially depends on your fellow drivers. That’s why it pays to know just how safe ­– or how dangerous – a city is from a driver’s perspective. According to Allstate’s 2015 Best Drivers Report, here are the five best and worst driving cities in the US.

5 Best Cities 

  • Kansas City, Kansas. Heartland drivers, take heart! Drivers in Kansas City, Kansas are 8 percent less likely to get in an accident than the national average. This is a major upset for Fort Collins, Colorado, which snagged the top spot in both 2013 and 2014 but dropped to fourth safest in this year’s study.
  • Brownsville, Texas. 5 percent less likely.
  • Boise, Idaho. 5 percent less likely.
  • Fort Collins, Colorado. 1 percent less likely.
  • Cape Coral, Florida. 21 percent less likely.

5 Worst Cities

  • Boston, Massachusetts. There must be something in the water up in Massachusetts. Worcester won the worst city title last year, ending Washington D.C.’s six-year streak. Boston was the second worst in 2014, and Springfield came in fourth. But Beantown managed to knock Worcester into second place this year with an appalling new statistic: Boston drivers are 7 percent more likely to have a collision than the national average!
  • Worcester, Massachusetts. 7 percent more likely.
  • Baltimore, Maryland. 9 percent more likely.
  • Washington, D.C. 3 percent more likely.
  • Springfield, Massachusetts. 1 percent more likely.

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