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Be Responsible – Have Life Insurance

I remember when my Step Father died a few years ago. He was an alcoholic so it was ineveitable that he would eventually become too sick to recover. But he had become sick a few times and would stop drinking and be “fine” again. The last time he became sick, he went from bad to worse very quickly. He went from starting symptoms to passing away within a month.
My mom was beside herself. She spent every day at the hospital. She wasn’t thinking clearly. She was a mess.
When Stoney, my step father, finally passed, my mom was left to figure it out. They had no savings, they had no burial plots. No wills, no anything. The one thing they did have, was my step father had  term life insurance. It was one of the few things that the man did responsibly. While I loved him very much, he didn’t spend much time thinking ahead. He had a policy through his union and he had a seperate policy that he and my mother had taken out together.
During her grief, Mom was left trying to navigate through the what to do. I helped her buy the plot, plan the service and pick out a casket. I was lost myself because I had never done anything like this before. It was made easier, however, without trying to figure out how we would pay for it all.
After my step father was buried, having the insurance policies help my mother be able to get things straightened out during the next few months. She had to adjust to not having the extra income, bills that he had that she was still responsible for, and the hospital bills, since he did not have health insurance at the time. The insurance policies were the only reason she was able to handle it all.
If you have not already bought a life insurance policy, it is something you need to look into. Do you know how your family would pay the bills, if you were suddenly gone? How would they pay for the plot, the service, and everything else? I knwo it isn’t things people like to think of, but it is the responsible thing to do.
Check online. It is easy to get  Life Insurance Quotes. Many of the policies are very affordable.

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