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SelectQuote agent Tiffany Gargano tells us a little bit about herself and addresses the frequently asked question of how SelectQuote chooses the companies it represents.

Tiffany, How Long Have You Been a SelectQuote Agent?

I’ve been an agent at SelectQuote since September 2011.

What’s your Favorite Thing About Being a SelectQuote Agent?

Knowing that I’m getting my clients the best prices available to them from the highly-rated insurance companies we represent.

How Does SelectQuote Choose the Insurance Companies It Represents?

We only represent companies that have high ratings from both A.M. Best and Standard & Poors’. The higher the rating, the more likely an insurance company is to pay its claims.

Can These Companies Secure Low Rates for People With Certain Health Conditions?

Yes, they can. Of the companies we represent, each one offers competitive rates for a specific health condition. For example, one company will offer great rates for people with high blood pressure, while another will be right for people with type 2 diabetes or prostate cancer.
To learn more from Tiffany about how SelectQuote chooses the insurance companies it represents, check out her video here.

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