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15 Best Personal Finance Blogs and Podcasts

Every year, the Plutus Awards recognizes and honors the greatest personal finance blogs, podcasts and content creators in a variety of financial niches. These finalists were voted on by other financial bloggers, so you know they are top of the line. Consider adding these blogs and podcasts to your regular rotation. Each shares high quality, fun ways learn more about mastering your money.

Well Kept Wallet

Deacon Hayes is behind the blog of the year winner, Well Kept Wallet. The multi-author blog features resources on a wide range of topics to help people better manage their money, get out of debt and maybe even retire early. The Well Kept Wallet even addressed the importance of life insurance in the post, “Do You Really Need Life Insurance?”  

Stacking Benjamins

Joe Saul-Sehy hosts Stacking Benjamins, the podcast of the year winner. It tackles financial news and advice recorded “live in Joe’s mom’s basement.” From one-on-one discussions to group roundtable discussions, Stacking Benjamins leaves readers entertained and educated. The podcast is great for your commute or doing chores around the house.

1500 Days

1,500 days is a little more than four years, and the site 1500 Days to Freedom explains how one blogger could save and invest enough in that time span to reach financial independence and leave his job. The author, known as Mr. 1500 Days, hit his goal on April 13, 2017. The inspiring story follows Mr. 1500 from a $586,043 portfolio to well over $1 million in savings with a net worth large enough to cover his living expenses. If you are interested in the Financial Independence / Retire Early (FIRE) movement, this blog is for you.

Bitches Get Riches

Personal finance doesn’t have to be stuffy and boring. Bitches Get Riches takes an edgy, fun attitude toward taking control of your financial situation. Piggy and Kitty (the authors pseudonyms) are 2009 graduates who learned the hard way what it is like to leave college with student loans in a recession. With a non-financial background, they tell it as they see it and bring tips and stories about personal finance, career and frugality to their loyal readers.

Early Retirement Now

Early Retirement Now is run by an anonymous married couple in their 30s/40s. Through smart money management, they plan to retire in 2018 and are documenting the journey on this blog. They focus on how to save, safe withdrawal rates and how to save and invest with minimal fees to get maximum results.

Frugal Woods

The Frugalwoods family are former urbanites who moved to a 66-acre plot in rural Vermont with a daughter and dog to live a self-reliant, extreme frugal lifestyle. The writers of the site use the pseudonym Mr. and Mrs. Frugalwoods to publicly document their journey and adventures. Cars, kids, expenses, college, homesteading, and home improvement are included the range of topics covered by this FIRE blog.

Like a Mother

Emma Johnson is behind WealthySingleMommy and the voice behind the Like a Mother podcast. Her hit podcast has many awards and accolades. It focuses on helping women have smart money conversations with top women in business and who find interesting ways to navigate motherhood and money.

Mad Fientist

Mad scientists may be well known in Hollywood movies, but Mad Fientist has his own heap of fans in the FIRE blogging community. This site goes into the details of how to save and stop working while living the lifestyle of your dreams.

Millennial Money Man

News and media pundits don’t always have nice things to say about Millennials, but popular blog Millennial Money Man breaks down preconceptions as an anti-entitlement money blog for Millennials. Author Bobby, who goes by M$M, paid off student loan balances and saved big while working as a teacher and now focuses on helping readers build their own online income, pay off debt and save money.

Money for the Rest of Us

Podcast Money for the Rest of Us is run by David Stein, who “helps investors have enough to retire.” With a history in professional money management, David works to turn complex financial concepts into more easily digestible, conversational chunks of information. Whether you want to get on track to saving for your future or just want a sounding board to make sure you are doing the right things, this podcast is a great place to start.

Our Next Life

Another blog from the FIRE movement, Our Next Life, comes from former consultants Tanja and Mark who now spend their days in retirement and encourage others to do the same. The authors are not particularly frugal and live in an expensive state (California). But that didn’t hold them back from realizing their dream of early retirement.

Radical Personal Finance

Blog and podcast Radical Personal Finance comes to you from Joshua Sheats, a finance personality with a master’s degree who pledges to help readers and listeners follow their own goals to reach financial success.

Side Hustle Nation

It seems that side hustles are everywhere these days and one online hub is Nick Loper’s Side Hustle Nation. If you want to build a part-time business to earn more, pay off debt or even leave your current career for self-employment, the popular Side Hustle Nation podcast and blog is a perfect spot to learn what you need to know.

Wallet Hacks

Jim Wang is the founder of Wallet Hacks, his second major foray into personal finance blogging. After leaving a career in Silicon Valley, Jim helps you find financial “shortcuts” to success without giving up the lifestyle you love. If you are a fan of systems to manage your money, Wallet Hacks is a great blog to follow.

Wealthy Accountant

The Wealthy Accountant spills the beans on how bean counters manage their finances. Host Keith Schroeder retired at 22 years old. He bought a home, old beater car and a bike and spent his days reading, learning and enjoying the outdoors. Thanks to serious savings and smart investments, he lives a life that many dream of. Learn how at his blog.

Thank You and Goodnight

Following blogs and listening to podcasts are a great way to help you learn more about your finances. These are just a few of the great resources out there. Can you recommend any to add to this list? Let us know in the comments.
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  1. Rippin great list – I checked out several of those blogs and left comments. Thanks for getting this out there.
    I would add three notable mentions:
    1. JD Roth’s Get Rich Slowly
    2. The lesser known, but still good: Myworkfromhomemoney.com
    3. thecollegeinvestor.com