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An Exceptional Mother

Could you imagine leaving behind loved ones with nothing but photographs and memories? If you don’t have life insurance, this could be the case. Without life insurance, your family could be left dealing with financial burdens that are too heavy to bear themselves. Funeral cost, mortgage payment, and tuition are a few costs that may be taken care of if you plan for life insurance.
In a Real Life Story, we learn of an exceptional narrative of Jackie Blanchard. Jackie, a mother of two, had some insurance, but when her husband passed away and left only a small policy, she considered getting more. His policy was small and it was not enough to take care of all of the family needs. Jackie knew she needed something to protect her family if she got ill. She contacted an agent and told her she wanted “the whole enchilada.”
Over time, Jackie developed a cough that had not gone away so she went to the doctor. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with cancer. Her agent informed her of a terminal illness policy. This allowed her to take immediate action while she had the time. With the money she received from her insurance, she was able to purchase a home and two cars for both of her daughters. She also paid for the cost of her funeral and made all of the arrangements. In addition, she designated money to cover their tuition when they went to college. Jackie would not have been able to cover these costs if it hadn’t been for her life insurance. Jackie knew the importance of life insurance and preached about its importance to many people in her life.
When mourning the death of a loved one, it is extremely difficult to worry about funeral costs, house payments, and other miscellaneous costs. Jackie wanted to ensure that her daughters would have the same lifestyle they always had, even when she passed. She was wise to plan ahead. Although Jackie was ignited to purchase a life insurance policy because of her terminal illness, it is smart for anyone with a family or loved one(s) to get life insurance. SelectQuote is a perfect way to figure out which life insurance is best for you. It provides unbiased price comparisons of rates from the highly-rated life insurance companies it represents. Plan ahead and secure the future of your loved ones and find out which policy is best for you.

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