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A Real Life Story: Why Missy is Grateful for Life Insurance

Missy JunkMany people first encounter life insurance when there is a loss of a loved one. Missy Junk, who we learn about in a Real Life Story, first learned about life insurance when her dad passed away. A few years later, when she was 19, her mother lost a battle to cancer. Missy lost both of her parents at a relatively young age, and she has relied heavily on their life insurance policies.
Missy was able to use the life insurance money that her parents left her to pay her way through college. College tuition is expensive, and once you add the cost of housing, books, etc., it is easy to be bombarded with an exorbitant amount of fees that lead to stress and debt. Despite Missy’s loss of both her mother and father, she attended college remained dedicated to her studies through graduation.
After graduation, Missy went on to become an elementary school teacher with the intention to make education a better experience for children. “I love the kids,” she says. “That’s the reason that makes you go to work every day.” Her fiancée is proud of Missy and is grateful that she is doing what she loves.
Had Missy’s parents not had life insurance, the heavy burden of tuition may have been too much for her to bear. Missy has been able to support herself and is proud knowing that she has a home, a car, and a good job all by the age of 26.
After reflecting on the positive ways that life insurance has affected her life, Missy says, “I can’t image what life would have been life without it.” In her interview, she mentions that most people do not know about life insurance, which is truly unfortunate. At SelectQuote, we encourage to find out about life insurance if you have loved ones that rely on you. Wouldn’t you like to make sure that your children or partner will be financially stable when they need it most?

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