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7 Summer Treats Guaranteed to Make Any Family Smile

Time flies – it’s already the middle of July, but there’s still plenty of summer left so let’s enjoy every last minute. Here’s a list of 7 summer treats, guaranteed to generate smiles.

Longer Days

Although there are still 24 hours in the day, the psychological effect of daylight makes it feel like you have more time. The extra daylight may even motivate young kids to get off their devices and play outside. Plus, there just seems to be more time for the family when you get home from work. Longer days provide more opportunities for fun.

Seasonal Fruit

If you see a roadside fruit stand, stop. If you see a farmer’s market, stop. Heck, if you drive by the supermarket, stop … and head over to the produce section. The reason is simple. Summer is peak season for the sweetest, juiciest fruits. While importing makes it possible to buy fruit year-round, the freshest, tastiest, most nutritious fruits are harvested in the summer.


Swimming, whether at a pool, lake, or ocean, is a treat for all the senses. Best of all, you can enjoy the weather and the socializing, even if the only swimming you do is dip a (big) toe in the water.

Scheduling Freedom

In summer, the normal rules are up for grabs. Kids are off from school, so they get to stay up later. You might have a flexible work schedule, maybe even half-day Fridays. Summer means the freedom to take a vacation without feeling guilty (it’s actually good for you). And that vacation can be whatever you want it to be – a “staycation” or a Disney World extravaganza.

Going Barefoot

Walking outside in your bare feet feels wonderful in the summer. Why? In a word: touch. Your feet contain more nerve endings per square centimeter than any other part of the body. Shoes and socks block your feet from engaging with the tactile world of summer: soft grass, wet sand and scalding hot blacktop (ouch!). Kids love walking around caveman style. Adults, however, can be a little self-conscious. It might help to know that some podiatrists say going barefoot is actually good for your feet.

Smaller Crowds

Summer is sometimes the slowest time of the year at certain destinations. Imagine Paris without Parisians (they’re at the beach) or ski lodges without skiers (they are ziplining and enjoying festivals instead). Not only do off-peak destinations allow for more elbow room, they’re usually cheaper too. The money you save this year can be put aside for next summer’s travel.

Ice Cream

Everybody screams for ice cream, even when is sorbet, frozen yogurt or shaved ice. Not surprisingly, ice cream (and its cousins) taste better in hot weather. Plus, with the abundance of in-season fruit, the variety of flavors and toppings grow.
Make it a point for your family to take advantage of at least one treat every day between now and the unofficial end of summer – Labor Day. You and your family won’t be able to contain the summer smiles!
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