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7 Summer Ideas for the Kids

summer funCan you believe it? June is right around the corner and Summer will officially be in session in just a few weeks! What does this mean? Oh, right- school for the little ones is almost over and they’ll be expecting to do fun activities for the next few months. In this blog post, we are going to give you 7 ideas for you and your children to have an enjoyable, memorable Summer together.

  1. The first week of June is “Fishing Week” but this isn’t the only time during the Summer season for you to plan a trip to the water and take the little ones fishing.

  2. Fourth of July is a great time to go on vacation with the family. There are many vacay spots that have events for the holiday and firework shows.

  3. Swimming is always a hit with the kids! Go for a dip at a local pool or head to the beach and catch some rays.

  4. July is National Ice Cream Month! Celebrate and grab a scoop at a local ice cream shop or grab a gallon at the market and make sundaes at home.

  5. Many cities will host concerts in the park. Good music, the outdoors, and family. What gets better than that?

  6. Wash the car as a team! In the sunshine and hot weather a chore can easily be turned into a family event!

  7. Make a pizza from scratch. Buying all of the ingredients at the store and putting them all together at home can be fun for both the kids and you. See if your kids can throw the dough in the air and catch it before it hits the ground.

Keeping the kids entertained all Summer won’t be easy, but hopefully this list will get you started! Happy beginnings of June from SelectQuote!

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