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7 Financial Podcasts to Get Your Personal Finance Fix

Podcasts today have matured well beyond droning voices spreading conspiracy theories from basements. Podcasting is now a part of the cool kids club, and it continues to spread like wildfire.
Edison Research found that 21 percent of Americans have listened to a podcast in the past month. That is up from 17 percent in 2015. Monthly podcast listenership has increased approximately 80% since 2013. So, if you have been hearing more and more about podcasts but don’t get what they are about, think of it like this: podcasts are for radio what YouTube is for video. You can listen to countless shows on demand on topics ranging from news to pop culture and almost everything in between. Personal finance and entrepreneurship shows have made waves in the podcasting community.
Here are 7 podcasts to help you fix up your finances.

Stacking Benjamins

Joe Saul-Sehy hosts the Stacking Benjamins podcast with partner “OG.” While the show focuses on money and features guests from the personal finance space, the show’s banter and comedic fun are the magic ingredients that tie it all together. Learn how to fix your bank account and have fun doing it with this hilarious, fast-moving podcast.

Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn is the voice behind the Smart Passive Income blog, finance podcast, and videos. Pat teaches listeners all about earning more through online entrepreneurship. His financial podcast traces its humble beginnings to the day Pat was unexpectedly laid off from his job as an architect. He turned that bad news into over $100,000 per month in online income.

Personal Profitability Podcast

The Personal Profitability Podcast is all about earning more, spending thoughtfully, growing your wealth, and living a better life through mindful personal finance. Twice a month, host Eric Rosenberg brings personal finance and entrepreneurship stories through guest interviews and personal insights from his background in banking, corporate finance, and running his own six-figure online business.

Bigger Pockets

Bigger Pockets is an online community, blog, and financial podcast focused on profiting from real estate investing. Learn how to leverage your income to create a lifestyle sustaining cash flow in real estate. Whether it’s through fix and flips, buy and hold, or a hybrid of the two, hosts Josh Dorkin and Brandon Turner make money fun with their regular banter and guests from the industry.

So Money

Farnoosh Torabi is the woman behind So Money, a blog and podcast from the acclaimed personal finance expert. Farnoosh has penned books and countless articles on personal finance and is a regular contributor at CNBC, The Today Show, and more. She brings a polished presentation and a depth of knowledge to listeners of her popular podcast.

Radical Personal Finance

Joshua Sheets hosts the Radical Personal Finance podcast. This show features listener Q&A and guests from around the personal finance blogging community. In this show, you can learn about financial freedom through smart budgeting and income. If you’re tired of the rat race, plug in your earbuds and check out Radical Personal Finance.

Martinis and Your Money

Shannon at Financially Blonde hosts the Martinis and Your Money podcast. This shows focuses on women and money, but there is plenty for men to learn as well as work to improve your money “one cocktail at a time.” Hear stories about debt payoffs, investments, and more on this excellent finance podcast.

Listening to Financial Podcasts is Easy

If you think podcasts are “too technical” for someone like you, think again! Listening to podcasts is easy, fun, and educational. All you need is a smartphone or computer to get started.
If you have an iPhone, just open the iTunes store and navigate to the podcasts section to subscribe to thousands of podcasts for free. Android users have several options including Google Play and the Podcast Addict app.
Once you click subscribe on a new finance podcast, the latest episodes will automatically download so you can listen at the gym, in the car, at your desk, on a plane, or anywhere else. Go back and start at Episode 1, or pick up on the most recent episode. There is no right or wrong, just choose what you want to listen to and press play. Anyone can do it.
Best of all, you can improve your finances along the way. Every finance podcast in this list is completely free. You can have fun and improve your finances as you go. That’s a win-win.
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