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7 Budgeting and Saving Apps to Help You and Your Money

No matter what it is, there’s an app that claims to help you do it better. Saving and budgeting are no exception. There are so many saving and budgeting apps that it can be hard to know which to trust. While this is not a comprehensive list, here are seven favorites:

YNAB: Comprehensive Personal Budgeting

Similar to Mint (another fantastic comprehensive budgeting app), You Need A Budget – better known as YNAB – is designed to help you live within your means, get out of debt and stop living paycheck to paycheck. It works by automatically tracking your income and expenses and then providing education and support to help you make better choices based on those numbers. YNAB will teach you to give every dollar a job, help you embrace your true expenses and prepare you to expect the unexpected, financially.

Mvelopes: Bringing the Envelope System into the Digital Age

If you’re a long-time believer in an envelope system, but want a modern approach, consider Mvelopes. The app offers three different tiers, with three different monthly fees, ranging from basic to complete, depending on how much guidance you need. By helping you allocate your money toward different spending and saving objectives, Mvelopes helps you reach your financial goals.

Pocketguard: A Safeguard Against Overspending

Promising to let you “spend more time living,” Pocketguard links your credit cards, checking and savings accounts and investments, so you can see all your financial commitments in one place. Its differentiating feature is “in my pocket,” which lets you know how much money you have left after all your bills are paid.

Prism: Help Staying on Top of Your Bills

The CEO and co-founder of mobile bill pay app Prism says that many people are juggling up to 15 separate bills every month. They’re also wasting around $400 a year on late fees from not juggling them quite well enough. For simple notifications reminding you to pay your bills on time – and allowing you to do so all in one platform – check out Prism.

Digit: Saving Sneakily

Automatic savings app Digit learns your deposit schedule and tracks your spending habits, so it can stealthily pull small amounts of money from your bank account into its goal-oriented savings accounts. Its promise is it will never cause you to overdraw on your account. And its premise is you can save for specific goals without even noticing. Set up separate Digit accounts for whatever you choose and withdraw the money whenever you need it.

Goodbudget: Household Expenses and Savings

At first glance, Goodbudget doesn’t operate much differently than You Need A Budget, Mint or even Mvelopes. Where it shines is in its ability to link more than one individual’s accounts. So, if you need clarity into a budget that is impacted by you and your spouse, for example, Goodbudget might be the place to start.

Robinhood: When You Don’t Know Where to Start With Investing

Use this pared-down trading app to get started if you’re new to investing. It’s free – a rarity among investment platforms – with no account minimums. It’s also intentionally bare-bones, which might frustrate more experienced investors, but relieve those who want to cut through the confusion.
There’s no one right way to keep track of your money. And when it comes to insurance, look to your SelectQuote agent to help you make the right decision for you and your money.
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