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3 Essential Tips for Travel Preparedness

shutterstock_97739021Preparing ahead of time can help ensure your vacation is stress-less. No one wants to go on a vacation that doesn’t feel like one because it’s spent worrying about forgotten things to do back home. Did you leave the light on? Did you turn the air-conditioning off? These are questions that can be answered by a trusted neighbor or friend back home, but there are more serious matters to consider — the safety and future of yourself and your loved ones back home.
If you’re leaving your children home while you travel, it’s a given that you would create a list of emergency contacts to give to the babysitter. That way, if anything happens to your kids while you’re gone, the babysitter will know exactly who to contact and where to take them. But what if something happens to you — did you let someone know what to do in that case?
Before you leave for your trip here are 3 important things you should put on your To-Do list:
1. Photo copy important documents – Make a copy of all your important documents: Tickets, hotel reservations, your passport and other forms of identifications, etc. Leave one with a loved one back home, and bring a copy (or two) with you in case the originals are lost or stolen.
2. Create emergency contact lists – Two of them: One with local emergency and police numbers so you know who to contact if you find yourself in trouble, and another to carry on your person so that if anything should happen to you, the paramedics can contact your family back home.
3. Buy Life Insurance – Most people consider simple travel insurance, but life insurance protects something more important than your belongings — it protects your family. In the case of your accidental death while traveling, do you have life insurance that will sustain your family financially? Having a plan before you go may help ease your mind since you’ll know your family will be well taken care of.
As you’re planning your spring and summer vacations, make sure you put “get life insurance” on your list of things to do. If you already have life insurance, then you should contact your agent to make sure you still have sufficient coverage for your needs.
Your friends at SelectQuote wish you a happy, worry-free vacation!

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