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13 Stress Management Tips To Practice

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Is your blood pressure rising as you imagine all that you could accomplish in the time that you take to read this sentence? If you identify with this statement, chances are you are one of the many Americans that struggles with stress management. While stress may be a part of day-to-day life, severe or disregarded stress can lead to serious health problems. Many of the health risks of stress include obesity, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, depression, and asthma.
Clearly it is important to address your anxieties in order to ensure that your mental distress doesn’t cause more serious physical problems. While it may seem easier said than done, we are arming you with proven techniques to manage your stress so that you may lead a happier, healthier life.
13 Stress Management Tips:
1. Be active – Physical activity is proven to have positive effects on a person’s mental well being.
2. Take control – People who take active steps to address their stressor head on are those that manage stress the best.
3. Make time for yourself – Set aside a couple nights a week that are free from all work and responsibility.
4. Set goals or challenges – Accomplishing your goal helps to boost self-confidence, reaffirming your ability to combat stress.
5. Volunteer – Studies show that people who help others become more resilient.
6. Work smarter – Employ good time-management skills so that you eliminate the stress of time pressure.
7. Be positive – Acknowledging what you are grateful for will diminish the things that you are not so grateful for.
8. Accept the things you can’t change – Then acknowledge the things that you do have the power to change. This distinction is necessary for managing stress.
9. Catch some Z’s – Studies show that lack of sleep increases the body?s production of cortisol, a hormone produced in response to stress.
10. Be assertive – Assert your feelings, opinions, or beliefs instead of becoming angry, defensive, or passive.
11. Just say no – Set limits appropriately and say no to requests that would create excessive stress in your life.
12. Find your pleasure – Doing things you enjoy is a natural way to fight off stress.
13. Utilize emergency stress stoppers – Chances are no matter how hard you try stress will get the better of you on occasion. Try counting to 10 before speaking, taking 3 to 5 deep breaths, or walking away from the stressful situation in a stress emergency.
With Fall on the way — time to start preparing for a busy season for the whole family. Before you know it, Thanksgiving will be upon us with the holidays right behind. Rest up — SelectQuote is wishing you a great Fall!

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