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12 Insurance Blogs You Can't Afford to Ignore

Insurance is a personal finance cornerstone. It ensures your savings and investments are not wiped out due to an unexpected illness, injury or other worst-case scenarios. There is so much to learn about insurance, and it is tough to find everything you are looking for in one place.  Also, writing engaging blog articles on a topic that isn’t considered to be the most exciting can be tough, but there are some organizations out there making it happen with their insurance blogs.
Get a cup of tea, find a comfortable spot to sit and enjoy these 12 websites that boast arguably the best insurance-related blogs out there.

The Insurance Word Blog From Life Happens

Life Happens is a nonprofit dedicated to helping people take responsibility for their personal finances, with a focus on life insurance and related products like disability insurance. The blog is a great resource, and you can also find calculators, videos, and other basic insurance information on the website.

Terms + Conditions — The Insurance Blog

The Insurance Information Institute hosts the cleverly named Terms + Conditions blog. This blog offers industry professional focused data, studies, surveys, tips and quite a bit of content that consumers can enjoy as well. By knowing what insurance professionals read, we are better prepared to make the best insurance decisions for ourselves and our families.

Academy Journal by Insurance Journal

Insurance Journal hosts about a dozen insurance industry focused blogs, but none is more useful to consumers than the Academy Journal blog. This blog is filled with useful gems. The recent post “How to Read ANY Insurance Policy” is particularly helpful while shopping for new insurance.

HealthInsurance.org Blog

HealthInsurance.org covers the wide range of medical insurance information needed to navigate today’s complicated healthcare system. With a new President that has his eyes set on repealing the Affordable Care Act, this information is more timely than ever. Learn about Obamacare, Medicaid, exchanges and everything in between from this useful blog.

SafeCo Blog

SafeCo Insurance, a Liberty Mutual Company, offers tips focused on car insurance and other season insurance tips through its blog. Safeco articles focus on home, car, boat and motorcycle insurance topics, as well as related personal finance topics.


The National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors is aimed at agents and insurance professionals, but that doesn’t mean there are not valuable tidbits to be found for regular insurance consumers. Learn how insurance regulations, government intervention, and industry actions impact your insurance and your relationship with your agent from the NAIFA blog.

Specialty Insurance Blog

Life, health, auto, and homeowner’s insurance are the most common and popular insurance you will come across, but specialty insurance can cover a wide range of insured topics. Business owners will learn the most from this blog, which offers regular news and commentary on specialty insurance coverage.

Property Casualty 360

This is another blog focused on industry professionals but filled with useful information for insurance consumers. By learning how businesses and insurers respond to real-life scenarios, you can learn how to better optimize your insurance and protect yourself from needing to file a claim in the future.


This blog is focused on health insurance and health in general. Topics include industry news and commentary and useful information for navigating the complex healthcare landscape in the United States today. Healthcare lawyer David Harlow is the mind behind this excellent insurance resource.

Risk Management Monitor

This site offers in-depth, data backed posts focused on risk management for business owners. If you are an entrepreneur or side hustler, you can learn how to limit and manage costs. Through analysis, commentary and interviews you can learn all about saving money with your insurance policies.

Insurance Coverage Corner

Carlock Copeland Civil Litigation is the business behind this expert insurance blog. Learn about how recent lawsuits and insurance industry developments impact how your insurance company treats your insurance policy and coverage, and how the government is intervening to either enhance or restrict consumer claims.

SelectQuote Blog

We would be remiss if we didn’t include the SelectQuote blog in this list. This blog is filled with personal finance and insurance tips for Baby Boomers, Millennials, and everyone in between. Learn about different types of insurance, how insurance plans and policies work, how to save money on insurance, and how to manage your day-to-day savings, budget, and investments from the trusted SelectQuote writing team.
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